Snow Cream!!

Snow Cream!!

There is nothing like some yummy snow cream on a beautiful snow day!! My boys love making snow cream after a morning of sledding and building a snowman. We just collect clean snow in a container and keep it covered until we are ready to head inside. I’m sure people have many different ways to make snow cream (snow ice cream) here is our super easy and yummy recipe.

  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • Pinch of salt
  • 6-8 cups of clean snow

Whisk sugar, milk, vanilla and salt together in a large bowl. Once mixed, add in snow and mix until well combined. Scoop into individual bowls and add sprinkles for added fun!

*snow cream melts quickly, so serve immediately after making and enjoy!

Happy New Year!!

Well hello 2018!! Where the heck have you been?! As you know, I am a celebrator of all the holidays and apparently most of that celebrating revolves around food! Shocker right? My kids love doughnuts, and I have always wanted to make those cool letter ones. Ringing in the new year seemed like the perfect time to try it out! I decided to go with a simple “recipe” to get me started.

I made my glaze fist.

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Mix everything together and set aside.

For the doughnuts, I used refrigerated biscuit dough and oil for frying.

I found some alphabet Cookie cutters at world market. I picked up the number ones while I was at it.

I cut out the letters I needed from the biscuit dough and dropped them in the 350 degree oil. They puffed up and cooked quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on them! I placed them on a cooling rack with a paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Once cool, I dipped the top in the glaze. Once dry, I dipped it for a second time and coated with some fun sprinkles I found at Michaels. You can also find them Here

The boys were so excited and Austin said they tasted just like the donut shop! It’s a win in my book! They may not look perfect, but not bad for my first attempt! I don’t think these will make it to January 2nd!

Happy New Year friends! Here’s to a fantastic 2018!!

Back to School

It's that time of year again friends. Gone are the days of no alarm clocks or schedules. It's time to dust off the backpacks and lace up those new sneakers. I'm talking back to school! Some of you are sad to see the endless summer nights go. I, am not one of those people! Peace out Summer, it's been real! I do it to myself really. I try to plan so many fun activities so my kids feel like they are truly experiencing summer, that by August 1st I am over it, and them! Bring on the non stop fighting and arguing and the never ending WW Smackdown and you pretty much sum up the month of August for me. Add in a rental house that makes me scream and you have one done Momma!!
So anyway, back to school! I pretty much sing it as the words come out of my mouth! As per my love for traditions and celebration, I do not take this one lightly. Every year I do a special back to school breakfast for the boys to make the blow of reality a little softer for them (while I do my happy dance and poor champs in my OJ)! Haha!
I decorated the day before as I was cleaning the house since we had a lot going on that night. Doesn't it feel so good to get a fresh start in a fresh house?
As much as those two can drive me nuts, I love to see their faces when they see what I have done just for them. I hope it always makes them feel special.
I also had them write their own names on the place cards so that I could document their writing at this stage. I think this is a new one I will add in every year! I already see them rolling their eyes at this in a couple years! Sorry kiddos, mommy is making memories so get over it!
I knew my hoarding of this ribbon I bought on a whim would pay off! It's all in the details right?
The boys had doughnuts for breakfast because I'm a serious chef in the morning and the tradition lives on! Happy first day of school friends! I hope this school year rocks and don't forget, your kid is the reason your teacher drinks! Cheers!

Happy Birthday Asher

So if you can't tell from the pictures, Asher really wanted a baseball party! Since our rental is no place for a party, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a pool party at the pool we belong to! I wanted to keep it small and easy and that is just how it turned out! I love to pull off a theme without being too "themey" haha, and I think it turned out cute! We had AstroTurf table runners, baseball plates and cute party favors for Asher's friends! They consisted of big league chew, baseball cards and a bouncy ball baseball. We served pizza of course with red or blue juice and waters for the adults. On pool breaks we ate pizza and then let the kids get back in the pool until next pool break for cake and cupcakes!

I love these cute boxes! They were perfect for the party! I got them on Amazon!

Love these sweet kiddos just waiting for pool break to be over!!

Party has begun!

We had a little bit of a birthday cake fiasco. I had originally wanted the cake just to be a baseball. When I went to Lowes, they told me they don't make round cakes. Seriously? Ummm, ok. No problem! I would like a chocolate cake with green icing to represent the grass of a baseball field. Then I told them I would like a baseball diamond and Happy birthday Asher written on it. I didn't want any borders so it looked like grass on all sides. When I arrived to pick it up I almost cried. I forgot to add that I received a phone call the night before just to double check what I wanted. After the phone call, I was not reassured that they understood (seriously I didn't think it would be so hard)! So, when I arrived, it was a complete white icing cake with frilly borders with a tiny diamond on it and in the corner said happy birthday Asher in kindergarten writing!! Ugh! Nope!! Thankfully they offered to remake it (in the hour before the party) and deliver it to me. They even threw in the baseball cupcakes, which did look cute, for free! They still never made what I asked, but they did do their stock baseball cake that they usually make and it was good enough! They even brought fun baseball rings for the kids! One of the ball players slid on during transport and she offered to refund me the cost of the cake. I thought they had done so much to make it right, that I was happy to have paid for it and told her that wasn't necessary.

I think Asher had an awesome 6th birthday party!! Looking forward to being in our own home next year to celebrate and make memories!!

And a Thing Called Love

So let’s all be shocked for a moment that I overcelebrated another holiday! Back in the day, I had a Valentine countdown and we did something new each day. Life has gotten busy with our new house build (post coming soon)my Etsy business and chairing hospitality at the boys school, so I do the best I can and have fun with what I can manage.

We love cinnamon rolls in this house and it’s a tradition to have them every weekend. An easy way to make them festive is to add a few sprinkles! Sprinkles make everything better and more fun. Bonus, I am a hoarder of sprinkles for ALL THE THINGS, so I add them for a splash of fun. Throw some paper straws and cute nappins in the mix and you are instantly a superhero to your kids! Side note, I am also a hoarder of all the paper straws. I have never said no to a cute package of paper straws. True story. I actually just bought a package today at Target. They put out their insanely cute spring stuff and I just couldn’t resist. Is there a twelve step program for this??


One thing we love to do as a family is play games. Make it a festive holiday game with candy and we are all in. I found the Valentine bingo game on Pinterest (what the heck did we do before Pinterest) and the heart cups at Michaels. We used conversation hearts as markers which doubled as a fun treat after a few rounds of the game!

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I made pink waffles for breakfast. We sure like our breakfast in this house. Austin gave it two thumbs up!

Again,add a fun paper straw and the boys were so happy! My creative heart skips a beat!

As I am typing all this I realize how much revolves around food!! Ha! I love to bake, so I wanted to make a fun treat for our amazing teachers. We seriously hit the jackpot in the teacher department!! Plus when you have gold measuring cups and spoons, it makes everything taste better!

Pink strawberry milkshake cookies for the win! You can find the recipe here. Do yourself a favor and make these stat!! The boys begged for me to make another batch just for us. They are so easy to make, I couldn’t say no!

The boys had fun filling out their Valentines.  I was trying not to wait until the last minute, but our printer ran out of ink and I had to get them printed at the print shop instead, which of course delayed us a day! 

Gum Valentine’s found Here.
EditAustin was adamant that he wanted to give his friends gum. Since the printer incident, I was out searching for extra bubble gum the night before Valentine’s Day! Most places do t have the original small packs anymore. Bless the Dollar tree! Score!

I had this super cute idea of giving popcorn for Asher’s class. He is a popcorn addict, so I thought this was only appropriate! Thank you Target for the awesome chocolate cupcake boom Chicka pop!! We love Boom Chicka Pop! It’s our favorite and they always have the best holiday flavors!!


I hope you all had a fun and festive February!! Now bring on Spring! Am I right??

Love Shack

I am trying to do some fun activities with the boys for this love month and decided we had to make some “love snacks”! The boys love activities, especially ones that they can eat, so this was a big hit!

Here is Asher saying “hmm, how should I decorate my house”

Austin was getting right to it. I know how much you also love that my child is doing a Valentine craft in a Christmas shirt!

Well, as awesome and cute as these graham cracker houses were, they immediately fell apart as soon as the boys put a little pressure on them. If I knew they wouldn’t eat them, I would have glued the crackers together, but my kids will never turn down candy and icing! 

To diffuse any frustrations (my older one is a perfectionis) I told him to take them all apart and make pictures with each square. This thankfully worked and I still had two happy boys!

Happy February and stay tuned for more love month fun!

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day
I don’t know about you, but I am such a sucker for a holiday! Any chance to celebrate right? I have lots of fun things up my sleeve for Valentine’s Day. It seriously feels like it’s right around the corner. I’m thinking heart cookies, fun outfits, pink hot chocolate and lots of Valentine books!! I’m certain it will be all things hearts from now until the middle of February. Did someone say heart doughnuts with too many sprinkles?? I thought so!! The decorations are up and it’s time to start celebrating all things LOVE! Stay tuned for lots of fun ideas for you and your littles this heart season.


Over the years I have heard friends talking about a word of the year. It would be a word that they focused on through the year to better themselves in some way. I never chose a word because nothing seemed to stand out. Geez, one word of improvement?? I needed way more than one word! I needed to still lose some baby weight (5 years later) and not get frustrated with my kids so easily and be a better wife, focus more on my business and the list goes on. Well this year was different. A few weeks before New Years, the word balance kept popping into my head. I needed to strive for balance. So friends, this is my word of the year. BALANCE. Who doesn’t need that? Finding the right balance between being a good Mom, a good wife, a business owner, having time for myself and time with God. So here’s to finding balance that I was lacking in 2017!! What is your one little word? 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!! I decided that one of my goals for the New Year would be to start documenting life again. I blogged way back in the Stone Age, but decided to give it another go with a fresh start. Let me tell you, I love a good party, so starting with New Years Eve was perfect for me. 

You know how all of this awesome things you have in your head never go as planned? Yeah, that’s pretty much my life! It’s awesome though and I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I certainly never let it stop me from continuing to try! 

We started our day at the Wake Forest basketball game where Wake dominated until the last minute. There were plenty of emotions, but mostly I was just pissed when they lost in the last minute!

After the game we came home and I started setting up for our New Years party of four. After all the traveling we did for Christmas, I just didn’t have it in me to go all out, so a party in our pjs where the kids went to bed at nine was just what we needed. 

We started our night off with breakfast for dinner with a little pizazz! A few star picks and a gold straw (I have a serious paper straw addiction) and I am instantly a cool mom!

I made some star cookies for the boys to decorate as one of their activities. The boys love to decorate cookies and we pretty much do it for every holiday! Hey, any reason to celebrate right?!

After cookie decorating, we watched Rudolphs Shiny New Year (which my hubby totally asked me where I find these crazy movies) and then clinked our glasses filled with sparkling cider!

We ended the party with silly pictures and more confetti than I have ever seen in one place, which my kids then walked through and tracked all through the house. Best laid plans right?

On that note, we say bye Felicia to 2016 and a big welcome home to 2017!! Happy New Year friends! Here’s to one kick ass year!