Happy Birthday Asher

So if you can't tell from the pictures, Asher really wanted a baseball party! Since our rental is no place for a party, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a pool party at the pool we belong to! I wanted to keep it small and easy and that is just how it turned out! I love to pull off a theme without being too "themey" haha, and I think it turned out cute! We had AstroTurf table runners, baseball plates and cute party favors for Asher's friends! They consisted of big league chew, baseball cards and a bouncy ball baseball. We served pizza of course with red or blue juice and waters for the adults. On pool breaks we ate pizza and then let the kids get back in the pool until next pool break for cake and cupcakes!

I love these cute boxes! They were perfect for the party! I got them on Amazon!

Love these sweet kiddos just waiting for pool break to be over!!

Party has begun!

We had a little bit of a birthday cake fiasco. I had originally wanted the cake just to be a baseball. When I went to Lowes, they told me they don't make round cakes. Seriously? Ummm, ok. No problem! I would like a chocolate cake with green icing to represent the grass of a baseball field. Then I told them I would like a baseball diamond and Happy birthday Asher written on it. I didn't want any borders so it looked like grass on all sides. When I arrived to pick it up I almost cried. I forgot to add that I received a phone call the night before just to double check what I wanted. After the phone call, I was not reassured that they understood (seriously I didn't think it would be so hard)! So, when I arrived, it was a complete white icing cake with frilly borders with a tiny diamond on it and in the corner said happy birthday Asher in kindergarten writing!! Ugh! Nope!! Thankfully they offered to remake it (in the hour before the party) and deliver it to me. They even threw in the baseball cupcakes, which did look cute, for free! They still never made what I asked, but they did do their stock baseball cake that they usually make and it was good enough! They even brought fun baseball rings for the kids! One of the ball players slid on during transport and she offered to refund me the cost of the cake. I thought they had done so much to make it right, that I was happy to have paid for it and told her that wasn't necessary.

I think Asher had an awesome 6th birthday party!! Looking forward to being in our own home next year to celebrate and make memories!!

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