Back to School

It's that time of year again friends. Gone are the days of no alarm clocks or schedules. It's time to dust off the backpacks and lace up those new sneakers. I'm talking back to school! Some of you are sad to see the endless summer nights go. I, am not one of those people! Peace out Summer, it's been real! I do it to myself really. I try to plan so many fun activities so my kids feel like they are truly experiencing summer, that by August 1st I am over it, and them! Bring on the non stop fighting and arguing and the never ending WW Smackdown and you pretty much sum up the month of August for me. Add in a rental house that makes me scream and you have one done Momma!!
So anyway, back to school! I pretty much sing it as the words come out of my mouth! As per my love for traditions and celebration, I do not take this one lightly. Every year I do a special back to school breakfast for the boys to make the blow of reality a little softer for them (while I do my happy dance and poor champs in my OJ)! Haha!
I decorated the day before as I was cleaning the house since we had a lot going on that night. Doesn't it feel so good to get a fresh start in a fresh house?
As much as those two can drive me nuts, I love to see their faces when they see what I have done just for them. I hope it always makes them feel special.
I also had them write their own names on the place cards so that I could document their writing at this stage. I think this is a new one I will add in every year! I already see them rolling their eyes at this in a couple years! Sorry kiddos, mommy is making memories so get over it!
I knew my hoarding of this ribbon I bought on a whim would pay off! It's all in the details right?
The boys had doughnuts for breakfast because I'm a serious chef in the morning and the tradition lives on! Happy first day of school friends! I hope this school year rocks and don't forget, your kid is the reason your teacher drinks! Cheers!

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