And a Thing Called Love

So let’s all be shocked for a moment that I overcelebrated another holiday! Back in the day, I had a Valentine countdown and we did something new each day. Life has gotten busy with our new house build (post coming soon)my Etsy business and chairing hospitality at the boys school, so I do the best I can and have fun with what I can manage.

We love cinnamon rolls in this house and it’s a tradition to have them every weekend. An easy way to make them festive is to add a few sprinkles! Sprinkles make everything better and more fun. Bonus, I am a hoarder of sprinkles for ALL THE THINGS, so I add them for a splash of fun. Throw some paper straws and cute nappins in the mix and you are instantly a superhero to your kids! Side note, I am also a hoarder of all the paper straws. I have never said no to a cute package of paper straws. True story. I actually just bought a package today at Target. They put out their insanely cute spring stuff and I just couldn’t resist. Is there a twelve step program for this??


One thing we love to do as a family is play games. Make it a festive holiday game with candy and we are all in. I found the Valentine bingo game on Pinterest (what the heck did we do before Pinterest) and the heart cups at Michaels. We used conversation hearts as markers which doubled as a fun treat after a few rounds of the game!

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I made pink waffles for breakfast. We sure like our breakfast in this house. Austin gave it two thumbs up!

Again,add a fun paper straw and the boys were so happy! My creative heart skips a beat!

As I am typing all this I realize how much revolves around food!! Ha! I love to bake, so I wanted to make a fun treat for our amazing teachers. We seriously hit the jackpot in the teacher department!! Plus when you have gold measuring cups and spoons, it makes everything taste better!

Pink strawberry milkshake cookies for the win! You can find the recipe here. Do yourself a favor and make these stat!! The boys begged for me to make another batch just for us. They are so easy to make, I couldn’t say no!

The boys had fun filling out their Valentines.  I was trying not to wait until the last minute, but our printer ran out of ink and I had to get them printed at the print shop instead, which of course delayed us a day! 

Gum Valentine’s found Here.
EditAustin was adamant that he wanted to give his friends gum. Since the printer incident, I was out searching for extra bubble gum the night before Valentine’s Day! Most places do t have the original small packs anymore. Bless the Dollar tree! Score!

I had this super cute idea of giving popcorn for Asher’s class. He is a popcorn addict, so I thought this was only appropriate! Thank you Target for the awesome chocolate cupcake boom Chicka pop!! We love Boom Chicka Pop! It’s our favorite and they always have the best holiday flavors!!


I hope you all had a fun and festive February!! Now bring on Spring! Am I right??

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