Love Shack

I am trying to do some fun activities with the boys for this love month and decided we had to make some “love snacks”! The boys love activities, especially ones that they can eat, so this was a big hit!

Here is Asher saying “hmm, how should I decorate my house”

Austin was getting right to it. I know how much you also love that my child is doing a Valentine craft in a Christmas shirt!

Well, as awesome and cute as these graham cracker houses were, they immediately fell apart as soon as the boys put a little pressure on them. If I knew they wouldn’t eat them, I would have glued the crackers together, but my kids will never turn down candy and icing! 

To diffuse any frustrations (my older one is a perfectionis) I told him to take them all apart and make pictures with each square. This thankfully worked and I still had two happy boys!

Happy February and stay tuned for more love month fun!

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